After Maradona, the player who enjoyed ‘qualification of God’, ‘Kim Min-jae’ who erased him

Diego Maradona, the greatest player in Italian Serie A Napoli history. He was the ‘absolute man’ who led the revolution in Naples.

Serie A put Napoli, a mediocre team, at the top. Maradona played 7 seasons from 1984 to 1991, leading a total of 5 championships. Among them, two Serie A titles were the biggest. He won the 1986–87 season and the 1989–90 season, which is the only title won in Napoli’s history.

What’s even more surprising is that this was the best period in Serie A history. The best stars of the time gathered in Serie A, and the competition was fiercer than any other league. All of this had to be silenced in front of the star of the century called Maradona.

Neither before Maradona nor after Maradona did Napoli win the championship. It was truly a revolution, and this is why Maradona is revered as a ‘god’. Napoli’s home stadium is now called Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. 먹튀검증

It’s been 33 years since Maradona’s revolution passed. Napoli is dreaming of a new revolution in the 2022-23 season. They are currently in first place with 53 points. It is a whopping 13 points from second place Inter Milan (40 points). Napoli’s first win in 33 years is a fait accompli.

Britain’s ‘irishnews’ paid tribute to Naples. I paid tribute to Maradona, and I paid tribute to Napoli now.

The media said, “Maradona did and now a revolution is happening in Naples. The calm city of Naples is returning to a rough city for the first time since Maradona. Scudetto is heading to Naples chest for the first time since Maradona. Napoli will be champions this season. “, he expressed.

Then he mentioned Kim Min-jae’s name.

The media explained, “Kalidu Koulibaly enjoyed a divine status in Naples. He moved to Chelsea. Korean national team Kim Min-jae came from Fenerbahce. He made Naples fans forget Koulibaly with his dazzling performance.”

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