‘Active discharge → Futures bombardment’ 22-year-old top prospect, why is there no call-up until September?

LG Twins Lee Joo-hyung (22) is hitting 40% in the Futures League as soon as he is discharged from the military. However, on the first team stage, Lee Joo-hyung is expected to be seen only in September.

On the 12th and 14th, Lee Joo-hyung exploded the sense of hitting in three consecutive matches against Doosan 2nd Army in the Futures League. Lee Joo-hyung, who had only one hit in the previous four games, drove 3 hits, 2 hits, and 3 hits. In three consecutive matches, he went 8 hits in 11 at-bats (.727 batting average) and also picked up four walks.

Lee Joo-hyung, who started playing since the end of April, has a batting average of .438 (21 hits in 48 at-bats), 10 RBIs, 8 runs, an on-base percentage of .533, a slugging percentage of .708, and an OPS of 1.241 in 18 games. 1 home run, 3 triples, 4 doubles, terrifying slugging power. He walks 10 and strikes out 7, and the ball samba ratio is also good. 

Lee Joo-hyung was nominated by LG for the 2nd round (13th overall) in 2020 and joined the team. He decided to finish his military service early while playing the 2021 season. He enlisted in September 2021 and was discharged at the end of February.

Lee Joo-hyung was a promising player in his high school days who showed off his batting talent. 300 in the 2020 and 2021 Futures League. Lee Joo-hyung, who joined as an infielder, changed his position to an outfielder, and is playing as an outfielder after returning from military service.

Regarding Lee Joo-hyung, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “I think Joo-hyung will be given a chance when he expands his entry in September in the second half. He thinks that the stage is always important through the camp, and the process is important.”

Lee Joo-hyung, who will be discharged at the end of February, was not included in the 2023 season plan of coach Yeom, who took over as LG command tower last fall. Manager Yeom said, “(Among the outfielders) if someone is injured, Joo Hyung-i may come up. However, in the current system, the outfielders are given enough rest, and there is no reason to change the (1st team) entry. There is even (Kim) Hyun-soo as an outfielder. It goes back enough,” he explained.

The numbers in the outfield overflow, including Kim Hyeon-soo, who usually plays as a designated hitter, Hong Chang-ki, Park Hae-min, Moon Seong-joo, and Lee Jae-won. Austin, a foreign player whose main position is an outfielder, settled down as a first baseman. 

Regarding Lee Joo-hyung, coach Yeom said, “It is better to learn the sense of the game in the second team and play more games. Rather than coming up to the 1st team and playing here (not being able to play), we have to play more games in the 2nd team, learn the sense of the game, fix what needs to be corrected, and do more defense.”카지노사이트

Then, he predicted from a long-term perspective, “I will come up around September and experience the first team, finish camp, spring camp, and next year I will be able to enter the first team.”

In fact, Lee Joo-hyung’s business trip to the 2nd Army was faster than planned. LG has a program for rookies and a program for veterans. Lee Joo-hyung, who met ahead of his discharge at the end of February, said, “When he returns, he plans to build his body step by step with a 3-month rehabilitation program prepared by the club. As early as around May, I think he will go to the second team game,” he said.

However, Lee Joo-hyung, who showed enthusiasm enough to take his last vacation in mid-February and do personal training at LG Champions Park in Icheon, has been bombing the Futures League by participating in second-team games since mid-April. 

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