820 billion won in transfer fees…’Boelli system’ Chelsea, only 17 transfer students

This season, Chelsea, under the owner Todd Boelli (50), spent a huge amount of money on aggressive players in the transfer market.

Chelsea welcomed a new owner in May, when Boelli took over the team. Then, this season, we faced a major change. From the change of directors within the team, the reorganization of the team continued, and in September of last year, coach Thomas Tuchel (50) was fired and manager Graham Porter (48) was appointed for a long-term future.

The most surprising part is his move in the transfer market. After Boelli took over as owner, he continued his aggressive moves. In the summer transfer market, a large number of top players such as Raheem Sterling (29), Kalidou Koulibaly (32), Marcu Cucurella (27) and Wesley Popana (22) were recruited and 282 million euros (approximately 378.2 billion won) were acquired. invested. 메이저놀이터

He continued to spend heavily in the winter transfer market. While Joao Felix (24) was loaned out, David Dartro Popana (21), Benoit Badiacil (22) and Noni Madueke (21) were recruited, and Mihailo Mudrik (22) was paid 100 million euros. (approximately 134.1 billion won), and spent 121 million euros (approximately 162.3 billion won) to embrace Enzo Fernandez (22) ahead of the deadline.

In the two transfer markets, a total of 17 players wore new Chelsea uniforms, and a total of 611 million euros (approximately 819.1 billion won) were spent on transfer fees alone.

However, Chelsea have a long way to go. This season, they showed disappointing performances and are currently in 10th place in the league. With a difference of at least 10 points from the top ranks, a reversal of the atmosphere is desperately needed, and attention is paid to what kind of performance the newly joined players will show in the remaining schedule.

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