5 Korean drivers advance to Round of 16 in Ranker Cup… Shin Jin-seo clashes with Ding Hao, who is the same age as her

Five Korean players made it to the round of 16 at the 1st Quzhou Ranker Cup World Go Open held in Quzhou, China today (5th).

Shin Jin-seo, Park Jeong-hwan, and Byeon Sang-il, who are ranked 1st to 3rd in Korea, kept their pride, while Ahn Seong-joon, 9th Dan, and Park Gun-ho, 7th Dan, also won tickets to the round of 16.

In her round of 16, Shin Jin-seo faces China’s Ding Hao, a 2000-year-old 9th dan player of her own age.

Ding Hao, a rising star in Chinese Go, won the LG Cup in February this year, becoming the second player born in the 2000s to win the World Championship title after Shin Jin-seo.

Park Jung-hwan took the opportunity to avenge Gu Zhao, 9th Dan (China), who had given him a defeat in the Nongshim Cup.

Byeon Sang-il, Ahn Seong-jun, and Park Geon-ho will face Wang Singhao 8th Dan, Tao Xinran 9th Dan, and Saeerhao 9th Dan (China) respectively.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

With 10 Chinese players advancing to the round of 16, China’s No. 1 Ke Jie, 9th Dan, lost to Taiwan’s Lai Junfu, 8th Dan, and was eliminated.

This is the first major world competition to be held face-to-face since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prize money for the winner is 1.8 million yuan (approximately 345 million won), and the runner-up prize is 600,000 yuan (approximately 115 million won).

The time limit is 5 countdowns of 1 minute each in 2 hours, and the bonus is 7 and a half according to Chinese rules.

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