3 wins, grand prize, overseas advancement… Bio Kim, who has a lot of dreams, “Family is the biggest energy”

“This year, I am aiming for 3 wins on the Korean Tour, the grand prize, and the 100th place in the world rankings.”

Bio Kim, who topped the average at-bats in the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour last year, has a few goals this year. In an interview with the Seoul Newspaper on the 17th, Bio Kim said, “I thought that if I won 2 wins last year, I would become the king of many wins, but as there were 4 players who won 2 wins, the competition for the most wins became a draw.” ” he laughed.

At the same time, he set out several targets. 3 wins in the season, the KPGA grand prize that he has not won since 2010, entering the world ranking 100th, and participating in the US Professional Golf (PGA) Championship. It seems like there are many goals, but if you listen carefully, there is only one. It is to challenge the world stage once again.온라인카지노

However, the age of thirty-three is not small. And he himself is well aware of this. Bio Kim said, “It’s a mid-term goal to play on the PGA Tour, but I don’t think I’m too old to go through the Korn Ferry (PGA Division 2) tour like Lim Seong-jae.” there is,” he said.

In fact, whenever a good opportunity arises, Kim Bio concentrates and seizes it. At the Asian Professional Golf Tour World City Championships held in Hong Kong last month, Kim Bio showed his last-minute concentration and finished fourth, earning a ticket to the Open Open held in July this year.

In order to participate in the PGA Championship, which will be held in May this year, Bio Kim has recently been playing a lot of Asian Tour events. As of the 17th, Bio Kim’s world ranking is 163rd, but he has to raise his ranking to around 110th to 120th to advance to the PGA Championship. Bio Kim said, “I will focus on improving my ranking by adjusting my schedule well,” and revealed that he will strategically watch this season.

When asked if he had undergone rigorous training last winter to advance overseas, Kim Bio gave a surprising answer. He said, “I tried to spend more time with my family than before,” and laughed, saying, “On days when I don’t have afternoon training, I personally attend the daycare center for my daughter.” “I talked about my goals and the things I want to do in the mid- to long-term this year, but it seems to be meaningful when I share these goals and dreams with my family,” he said. ”he explained.

Kim Bio, who tried the PGA in his 20s and tasted the bitter taste, said in an interview, “I’m older than then, but I’m not challenging myself now.” finished

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